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Our Core Values



CoolHut is focused on solutions-based innovation in outdoor recreation products with the simple mission to help make it easier for our friends and customers to have more fun outdoors. Look for more great new products soon.


We live to have fun and our company and products will always reflect this.


We think doing things right is fun! CoolHut products, service and work/life balance are all designed around measurable and meaningful quality standards.


For People:
Our customers, team, friends and family come first. We pride ourselves on providing a great experience for everyone we interact with and strive to live the “golden rule” and consequently we are always asking ourselves, “How would I feel if I were the customer?”

We are committed to the communities in which we live and work. In addition to chartered philanthropic partnerships, events and donations, we require fair and safe labor practices in our all of our business and manufacturing processes.

For the Environment:
We challenge ourselves every day to utilize the most environmentally friendly materials and processes available, and question “business as usual” manufacturing practices.  In turn, we challenge our suppliers to continually search for innovative approaches to production that are better for the environment.

CoolHut has the on-going goal of making one sustainable improvement in product or process with each manufacturing production run. The goal is to be 100% green, and we aim to do it.