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CoolHut Cares


For People

As our Core Values state, CoolHut cares about everyone we interact with. That’s why we’ve taken care to place requirements on safety and fair workplace practices throughout our manufacturing and business operations.

That’s also why we are proud to support our philanthropic partnership with the The Skin Cancer Foundation. CoolHut donates a minimum of $1.00 for every unit sold to The SCF to enable their invaluable work. 

Additionally, CoolHut provides both clinical and lifestyle information about awareness, responsible sun exposure and the detection and treatment of skin cancer in each of our products sold. Our mission is to help make it easy for people to get outside and have more fun. Our responsibility is to help people do it safely.

For the Environment

Let’s face it - producing nylon and plastic consumer products is, in its rawest essence, probably not the most sustainable thing that can be done. But we also have to live, experience, enjoy and have fun, so we are going to move forward in delivering you a great product. We are, however, going to do it in the most sustainable way possible.

We’ve chosen to make CoolHut a high-quality product to ensure longevity and reduce planned obsolescence.  That’s right – we’re happy to avoid repeat sales from prematurely worn-out products!  Fewer CoolHuts that live out their life cycle means fewer CoolHuts that need to be produced and fewer CoolHuts that end up in the recycling bin or landfill.

Additionally, we are currently working on using more environmentally friendly materials and practices than is standard in our industry, including migrating our future products to PU fabric backing instead of PVC, and using less or non-toxic coatings for water, fire and UV proofing, as well as reducing the plastics and cardboard in our packaging. Additionally, we are purchasing, at higher cost, large bulk items domestically to reduce product bulk when shipping. This translates to fewer trips (and consequently, lower fuel consumption) by cargo ships, thereby reducing the carbon footprint from our distribution process.

As the company continues to grow, we have the requirement that we improve our sustainable efforts by at least one meaningful improvement per production run in either materials, processing, or shipping to ensure that we are continually improving and stretching toward our goal of producing products that are gentler on the environment.   Starting from our current strategy of using the most environmentally sustainable materials and processes available, we intend to push the envelope and be early supporters, adopters, and even developers of eco-friendly manufacturing methodologies whenever possible.

Small improvements, multiplied by millions of people, can have a measurable effect on the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.  We invite you to join us (if you haven’t yet) or keep up the good work if you already have.